Practice Model Paper-1 for X-Group

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This eBook is available in Hindi & English both languages.

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28 reviews for Practice Model Paper-1 for X-Group

  1. Amit Kumar

    Tutors academy is good for preparation of defence

  2. Shivam Pandey

    The tutors academy is angel and the one and only one assistance for poor and dedicated students. May god bless the whole staff of the tutors academy.

  3. Vishnu

    It’s very helpful

  4. Nikhil pratap


  5. Nikhil pratap

    My pleasure

  6. chaudharytushar352 (verified owner)

    Very helpful sample paper 💪💪💪ek dm solid thnxx mam

  7. Nikhil Gupta

    Best Teachers and Best management everything they are teaching from basic so that every individual get his doubt clear in class only.
    The Tutor Academy.

  8. Rakesh

    Tutor’s academy is Best for Airforce, Navy (AA &SSR ) , and NDA.
    Thanks Mam ; To make a really good Study Campaign. After watching your videos I feel love with Mathematics !!!

  9. Mohd Sadiq

    the tutors academy is the best for defence

  10. Dinesh

    Nice it is

  11. Anand singh


  12. ankit945138

    INDIA NO. 1 The Tutor Acdamy

  13. Raviraj kumar sahni

    Tutors academy is the best coaching for defence exam .

  14. Ranjan kumar

    Good for practice

  15. Romiyo Kumar Singh (verified owner)

    Best coaching for defence tutor academy

  16. Abhishek rajput (verified owner)

    Best youtuber
    Defence prepare coaching

  17. sy9306497035

    Best channel for defense preparation

  18. Sunny

    Best book for defence exam

  19. Rj



    Good defence

  21. Dileep Yadav

    Good book

  22. Deepak Kumar

    Best institute for preparation defence exam

  23. Vikash

    Thanks mam aap bahut accha padati h

  24. Ram baran singh


  25. aslam (verified owner)

    best practice test for airforce

  26. Ayush (verified owner)

    Tutors youtube channel is best channel

  27. Ankit kumar


    • admin (verified owner)

      Hello, What we can help you?

  28. Anand

    Kya is practice set ka solve bhi Diya hai ..?

    • admin (verified owner)


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